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when old people go past on there mini squters '' omg i want one of them''

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Wouldn't life be perfect if sweatpants were sexy, Monday mornings were fun, junk food was healthy, guys weren't confusing, and nothing was regrettable.
I lived in 01/01/01, 02/02/02, 03/03/03, 04/04/04, 05/05/05, 06/06/06, 07/07/07,08/08/08,09/09/09, 10/10/10!!!
"You haven't done anything all day!""No mom, I got up at 6AM to go to school, took 3 tests, ran 2 miles, did 2 pages of math, wrote 3 paragraphs on world history, walked home from school in 98 degree weather, and finished my homework."
Guys have friends that are girls cause it gives them someone to talk about their feelings with. Girls have friends that are guys cause there is soooooooo much less drama :P
"I didn't do it" ... "Then why are you laughing?" ... "Cause, whoever did it is a freaking genius."
5 TIPS FOR WOMEN: 1.Its important that a man has a job. 2.Its important that a man makes you laugh. 3.Its important to find a man that doesnt lie to you. 4.Its important that a man loves you. 5.Its important that these 4 men dont know each other!!!
Teacher: Give me an example of something expands in heat and contracts in cold. Student: Summer break 10 weeks, winter break 2 weeks. Teacher: .....
girl:for halloween, i'll be boy:my girlfriend girl:okay.... boy:yeS! girl:you know that's it's only for a day right? boy:yea i do. girl:then why you so happy boy:cause atleast you get to be mine even though it's just for a day
If your makeup isn't done your hair is a mess and your in your pjs and he still cant resist taking you into his arms, he's a keeper.
“One of the hardest things in life is watching the person you love, love someone else.”
An "EX" is called an "EX" because it's an EXample of who you shouldn't date in the future.
boys are so much nicer when they aren't with their friends
A girl needs a blood transfusion, so her boyfriend gives her his. Months later they break up, and he wants his blood back. So she hands him a tampon and says she'll make monthly payments.

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Girl: Do you have a girlfriend?
Boy: (smiles) No, why?
Girl: Umm..nothing.
Boy: Tell me beautiful.
Girl: (smiles) I really like you.
Boy: Do you know how long I've been waiting for you to say that? ?
I missed 10/10/10 10:10:10am now I am waiting for 10/10/10 10:10:10pm
I lived in 01/01/01, 02/02/02, 03/03/03, 04/04/04, 05/05/05, 06/06/06, 07/07/07,08/08/08,09/09/09, 10/10/10!!!
I was alive on 10/10/10 10:10:10 a.m.
I was asleep at 10/10/10 10:10:10 a.m.
TOMMOROW WILL BE 10:10:10 10/10/10
I would be really upset if I missed 10:10:10 10/10/10, Twice!
MY WISH IS YOU ON 10:10:10 10/10/10
I'd Rather Have A Root Canal Procedure Than Listen to Sarah Palin Give A Speech!
God bless the lives lost on Sept. 11, 2001.. Lets not just mourn but also celebrate life & remember how precious life is!
Knowing all the words to a certain show/movie/song.
Having a million pictures of your favorite celebrity on your computer.
Give me a reason why i SHOULDN'T slap you
Spamming your favorite celebrity hoping to get a reply.

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Kailey,Kylie,& Mason
I have tried anger managment, but i found that bitching was more efficient!
Akon: You can put the blame on me
Jamie Foxx: Blame it on the aa a a a a alcohol

Jamie is a smarter man..
I would love it if everyfb bullshit talker could bac it up
Saying "suck my dick!"
You:psssssst hey pssssssttt HEY pssstttt
Friend:WHAT........what do you nee now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You: NOTHING HAHAHAHAHHAHHA JUST WANNA SAY I LOVE YOU!!!!!...............THEN LOG OUT.........after one hour
You:Sorry wrong send....
Het accent van Kyona Toune
Started out so simple and innocent. Chemistry like apple and cinnamon. :)
so true
Daves Is A Bad Sex Addict JK Mums The Word & All That ;)
Banday Da koi Pata Lagda Hai :D
the awkward when u realise you sold coke to gerry ryan!opps!
Boy: He dont deserve you, I'd treat you so much better! *smiles* -The next week- Girl: I broke up with him cos of what you said *little smile* Boy: Oh, uuuhh.. Goodbye forever. Girl: ... OH WTF!!
je vis à 200 à l'heure, il me faidrait 48 heures par jour pour tout faire, mais j'aime ça!!!

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